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The AI community building the future. #BlackLivesMatter #stopasianhate
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/17/2021
🥁 We can't wait to share our new inference product with you! 🤩 - it achieves 1ms latency on Transformer models 🏎 - you can deploy it in your own infrastructure ⚡️ - we call it: 🤗 Infinity 🚀 📅 Join us for a live event and demo on 9/28!
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/15/2021
We are excited to team up with @graphcoreai, to make training of 🤗 Transformers on cutting-edge IPUs super easy! With our new library 🤗 Optimum, using IPUs will become plug-and-play. Read all about it in this guest blog post from the Graphcore team:
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/14/2021
📢 Introducing 🤗 Optimum A new open source library to optimize 🤗Transformers for production performance. 🏎 Quantize, Prune, Optimize models easily, targeting hardware from our partners @intel @graphcoreai @Qualcomm! 🤩
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/10/2021
Who needs still 2⃣ models for Speech Translation❓ Direct Speech Translation has seen remarkable progress recently🎙️ We've partnered up with @facebookai to release the current SOTA Speech Translation models for the community🔥 Available on the hub🤗 👉 h
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/7/2021
Audio Classification🎵 made its way into the🤗hub! Inference API and widget are enabled 🔥 Try out @SpeechBrain1's language identification model: 👉 or one of the many SUPERB models by @leo19941227 & @facebookai: 👉
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/7/2021
If you're in Europe, join us at #transformersatwork in Amsterdam on Sept 10th - a workshop on state-of-the-art Deep Learning for NLP and Search! Both @Thom_Wolf and @Nils_Reimers from the team will be speaking there!
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   8/27/2021
The 🤗Hugging Face Hub Python wrapper makes it super easy to work with 🤗 Hub model & dataset repos. Search for, upload, download models & datasets without leaving your python runtime! We just released v0.0.16 w/ huge QOL upgrades 👏🎉 Come contribute!
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   8/19/2021
20,000+ machine learning models connected to 3,000+ apps? Hugging Face meets Zapier! 🤯🤯🤯 With the Hugging Face API, you can now easily connect models right into apps like Gmail, Slack, Twitter, and more: [1/2]
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   7/28/2021
You can now like any model, dataset, or Space on 🔥 Give your favorite ML repos some love 💙💚💛💜♥️🧡
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   7/22/2021
🤗 Transformers v4.9.0: 🟠 Brand new @TensorFlow Examples 🟠: Examples for many NLP tasks are now available using Keras only, thanks to @carrigmat! 🚀CANINE: Tokenizer-free, character-based model 🚂 Train a tokenizer from another: same config, different dataset!
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   7/20/2021
With #TensorRT 8, we achieved 1ms inference latency on BERT, and we’re building this performance into a new service later this year! This, and more from @jeffboudier, in the @NVIDIAAI press release
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   7/19/2021
The easiest way to train Transformers on your data: 🌐 15 languages & 5 tasks supported 🚀 Ready to serve instantly 🔒 Secure with private models and datasets 🤯 NO code needed !! That's #AutoNLP on the web. That's democratization of #AI. Try it 👉
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   7/15/2021
🧐What if we could use existing computing resources from different entities to train large models? We have shown that is possible by collaboratively training a language model with 40 volunteers🔥🔥 Read our new blog post on our 🤗 website to know more! 🔍
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   7/13/2021
Welcoming @spacy_io to the 🤗Hub! 🔥Share your pipelines to the Hub with 1 command 🚀Serve predictions from the model page or in your app with ⬇️Install 60+ pipelines directly from the Hub at Learn more at
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   6/28/2021
Sentence Transformers v2 is out and it's fully integrated to the Hub! 🤩 - Over 90 pretrained models at - Widgets and Inference API for sentence embeddings and sentence similarity. - A lot more! Read all about it in this blog post
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   6/17/2021
🤗Transformers v4.7.0 was just released with 🖼️DETR by @facebookai! DETR is an Object Detection model that can take models from timm by @wightmanr as a backbone. Contributed by @NielsRogge, try it out: v4.7.0 launches with support for PyTorch v1.9.0!
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   6/16/2021
🎙️A new speech model is in town! HuBERT shows exciting results for downstream audio tasks, including Emotion Classification, Speaker Verification, ... You can now try it out it with 🤗Transformers and the 🤗Hub: 👉
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   6/14/2021
The first part of the Hugging Face Course is finally out! Come learn how the 🤗 Ecosystem works 🥳: Transformers, Tokenizers, Datasets, Accelerate, the Model Hub! Share with your friends who want to learn NLP, it's free! Come join us at
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   6/3/2021
GPT-Neo, the #OpenSource cousin of GPT3, can do practically anything in #NLP from sentiment analysis to writing SQL queries: just tell it what to do, in your own words. 🤯 How does it work? 🧐 Want to try it out? 🎮 👉
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   5/27/2021
Thanks to @paperswithcode, you can now find the leaderboard associated with most of the 900+ datasets on the Hugging Face Hub (! This is one step towards helping the community find the best models for their applications - we hope you find it useful!
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   5/25/2021
Our own @GuggerSylvain and @LysandreJik will talk about the Hugging Face ecosystem tomorrow (May) 26 at 1pm PT on PyTorch Community Voices #PTCV. Come and ask any questions! We also have a surprise for you 🤗 YouTube: or Twitch:
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The AI community building the future. #BlackLivesMatter #stopasianhate
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