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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/15/2021
As a footnote to this thread, a few people think I'm being unfair to economists here (as if that's possible), but that's not my point. I'm simply saying that production functions and s-d graphs are not laws of nature: they operate within bounded regions surrounded by cliffs.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/15/2021
There are many instructive aspects to this story. One is the sharpness of the collapse, and the permanence of the new population plateau. We are increasingly aware in ecology that populations and systems can transition from one semi-stable state to another, with no path back.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/15/2021
Things that can't ecologically happen, won't happen, no matter how hard you pretend with supply-demand graphs.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/15/2021
Air pollution is the second largest cause of lung cancer worldwide, behind only smoking. I bang on here endlessly about PM2.5 and its health consequences, so a presentation on the topic today at the World Conference on Lung Cancer got my attention.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/14/2021
So much in this graph of a guy who weighed himself daily for 13 years. It could be a Raymond Carver short story, but the pattern is typical of many people, with huge shifts over time, stress-induced weight change, etc. (Source:
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/13/2021
That vertiginous feeling when you accidentally discover that someone you've known and liked for decades has fallen into the global disinformation vortex and has lost their cognitive and critical moorings. Oh, that's what you've been up to. I see.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/13/2021
tl;dr: Ludwig et al making the case (again) for carbohydrate-insulin over energy-balance models of obesity. Carbohydrate-insulin model: A physiological perspective on the obesity pandemic
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/12/2021
If anything, the ecological transformation in parts of the Pacific northwest will be even more dramatic than what's happening in the western U.S. No longer a rainforest: B.C.’s Sunshine Coast long-term drought
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/7/2021
tl;dr: Soil "remembers" recurring drought long after they are over, via persistent changes in microbiota. Ecological memory of recurrent drought modifies soil processes via changes in soil microbial community
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   8/24/2021
If we had CGM (continuous glucose monitors), but for inflammation markers and for lung function, I think we'd really be onto something. Someone invent that/those.
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