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Mathematician, writer, Cornell professor. All cards on the table, face up, all the time.
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Steven Strogatz    @stevenstrogatz   ·   9/14/2021
Our latest research (with @Maxematician and Rennie Mirollo) was published in CHAOS today. We studied a model of identical particles moving on a sphere and used group theory and hyperbolic geometry to explain its amazingly low-dimensional dynamics.
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Steven Strogatz    @stevenstrogatz   ·   9/11/2021
"The Hamilton-Jacobi equation, then and now" in Notices of the @amermathsoc. Applications discussed in the article include game theory, dynamic programming, interacting particle systems, and infectious disease modeling. [PDF]
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Steven Strogatz    @stevenstrogatz   ·   8/31/2021
For any students taking a first course in asymptotics and perturbation methods, here are some free lectures that you might find useful. Prerequisites: calculus and ordinary differential equations, and a little bit of complex analysis
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Steven Strogatz    @stevenstrogatz   ·   8/21/2021
I’ve started reading this marvelous new book by Tristan Needham. It’s passionate and filled with geometrical insight, just like his earlier masterpiece VISUAL COMPLEX ANALYSIS.
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Steven Strogatz    @stevenstrogatz   ·   8/10/2021
For a gentler and more elementary introduction to the “contraction mapping principle“ and its applications to differential equations and other parts of analysis, this might be a better place to start:
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Steven Strogatz
Mathematician, writer, Cornell professor. All cards on the table, face up, all the time.
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