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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen   ·   9/16/2021
"Let's see what happens if we take stuff out of the training corpus, add other stuff in, and retrain BERT" is the kind of project that's a lot easier to do with Google collaborators! Great work from @_jasonwei (also with @dhgarrette and "@Brown_NLP" aka Ellie Pavlick)
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen   ·   9/14/2021
A lot of people think that "respectively" is a good, logical word and a big space saving win but someone needs to tell them that cross-serial dependencies are really hard to process.
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen   ·   9/11/2021
Come be my colleague! "The search is open regarding subfield (e.g., developmental/acquisition, adult processing) and methodology (such as behavioral, neuroscience, computational approaches)."
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen   ·   9/6/2021
If you believe an artificial system doesn't quite do what an intelligent system should do you're expected to create a benchmark, with specific test instances, where humans do better than that system.
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen   ·   6/16/2021
New opinion piece from Marco Baroni: "On the proper role of linguistically-oriented deep net analysis in linguistic theorizing"
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