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Zachary Bogue   @zackbogue

Cofounded @DCVC with @MattOcko; Environmentalist; Nuclear energy advocate
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Zachary Bogue    @zackbogue   ·   9/15/2021
Love seeing @twelve_co2 featured in @ProcterGamble's Net Zero by 2040 Pledge! This @DCVC portfolio co transforms captured CO2 emissions into ingredients (for, eg, laundry detergent) using only water and renewable energy.
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Zachary Bogue    @zackbogue   ·   7/10/2021
Hi folks, quick personal note--check out this powerful conversation between my good friend Brendan Noonan and @mythchaser about loss, grief and the creative process.
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Zachary Bogue
Cofounded @DCVC with @MattOcko; Environmentalist; Nuclear energy advocate
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