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Quanta Magazine    @QuantaMagazine   ·   9/14/2021
An abstract space is n-dimensional if there are n degrees of freedom within it, or if it requires n coordinates to describe the location of a point. This sounds simple, but the idea of dimension can still be devilishly complex.
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Joscha Bach    @Plinz   ·   8/21/2021
Platforms and governments have to fight disinformation. But in a liberal society, it is up to the individual to build and decide about reputation. There is no freedom to think without the freedom to consider every argument, and freedom of speech requires freedom to listen.
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Matt Fontaine    @tehqin17   ·   9/14/2021
Amazed at how such complex levels emerge from such small and simple NCAs trained via CMA-ME, where the constraints and variation are defined from very simple functions. No target data required!
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun   ·   6/29/2021
This is another piece that basically says "deep learning is not as impressive as you think because it's mere interpolation resulting from glorified curve fitting". But in high dimension, there is no such thing as interpolation. In high dimension, everything is extrapolation.
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David Pfau    @pfau   ·   9/11/2021
And real progress in AI will probably not come until we have the equivalent of complex analysis for intelligence.
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Samarth Sinha    @_sam_sinha_   ·   9/14/2021
Our paper on “Surprisingly Simple Self-Supervision for Offline RL” got accepted at CoRL 2021! Find out how simple data augmentations from states can help Q-learning algorithms on a variety of robotics tasks! J/w: @AjayMandlekar @animesh_garg
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Alex Kontorovich    @AlexKontorovich   ·   7/8/2021
7/ Nash's coordinates exist abstractly, but it's not necessarily (we'll see what String Theory etc eventually amounts to... if anything...) the case that there really exist "extra" dimensions for describing the manifold of our Universe. That's my two cents...
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MathType    @MathType   ·   8/16/2021
The #Lorentz Transformations are the analogous of the Galilean Transformations for special #relativity, relating the position and time coordinates in two inertial reference frames. #MathType
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VentureBeat    @VentureBeat   ·   9/7/2021
Large language models aren't always more complex by @Kyle_L_Wiggers
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Dan Roy    @roydanroy   ·   8/17/2021
Not sure about the "pivoting to position themselves as ...". Sounds like startup language, not academics.
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Dan Roy

Mark Suster    @msuster   ·   9/14/2021
14/ If you look at our industry, it's now awash with capital that requires every firm to get very focused on where its edge comes from. If you're not a bulge-bracket VC, choose your positioning wisely (stage, sector, geography, founder access) ... way too many firms are generic
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MichiganAI    @michigan_AI   ·   9/14/2021
Call for POSTERS! Do you have work in #AI that you would like to share virtually? Participate with a poster in the Michigan AI Symposium. Submit the title/abstract by Oct. 15. Registration also required (free).
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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP   ·   6/11/2021
📢 We'd like to hear position & perspectives talks that critically examine common practices & trends on deep learning. Less than 3 weeks to submit an extended abstract for your talk at the KDD 2021 Deep Learning Day (DDL: July 1st). 👇call & submission
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Xiang Ren

Jonathan Frankle    @jefrankle   ·   6/9/2021
REMINDER: Sparsity in Neural Networks workshop deadline is in less than a week! You just need to submit an abstract and any supporting materials you like (blog post/paper/poster/slides). Full information here:
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Giorgio Patrini    @GiorgioPatrini   ·   5/28/2021
The paper abstract: "We use transfer learning" What they actually mean: "pretrained=True" It didn't use to be like that. It's amazing how Transfer is now a machine learning commodity (in some domains)
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