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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/14/2021
📢 Introducing 🤗 Optimum A new open source library to optimize 🤗Transformers for production performance. 🏎 Quantize, Prune, Optimize models easily, targeting hardware from our partners @intel @graphcoreai @Qualcomm! 🤩
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/15/2021
We are excited to team up with @graphcoreai, to make training of 🤗 Transformers on cutting-edge IPUs super easy! With our new library 🤗 Optimum, using IPUs will become plug-and-play. Read all about it in this guest blog post from the Graphcore team:
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Sara Hooker    @sarahookr   ·   9/10/2021
+ The overfitting of hardware to a small list of open source models: "This is also why you shouldn’t read too much into MLPerf’s results. A popular model running really fast on a type of hardware doesn’t mean an arbitrary model will run really fast on that hardware."
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Nils Reimers    @Nils_Reimers   ·   6/3/2021
Small & Fast Models 🏎️💨 We added several small & fast models, for optimal encoding speed on GPU & CPU. Multi-Lingual Models 🇺🇳 Multi-lingual models for 50+ languages are available. They achieve by far the best performance across all available multilingual models for many tasks. h
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Nils Reimers    @Nils_Reimers   ·   6/28/2021
Really happy about the launch of Sentence Transformers v2. All models are now hosted on the HF models hub. This makes sharing & finding your custom sentence embedding models extremely easy. Plus: You can directly interact with these models on the hub.
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Nils Reimers    @Nils_Reimers   ·   7/19/2021
Have a look at this nice library how to use sentence embedding models for topic modeling. Works for many languages and also for zero-shot cross-lingual settings. Can be easily be used with any sentence-transformers model.
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Jerome Pesenti    @an_open_mind   ·   7/17/2021
BlenderBot 2.0 improves on the fixed and "goldfish" memory of existing language generation models. Still not safe enough for production, but a great advance for #conversationalAI that we open source for the community to make progress in that direction
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Patrick von Platen    @PatrickPlaten   ·   8/28/2021
ASR models trained on read-out audio alone are often not practical for real world usage. Robust Wav2Vec2 ( by @facebookai now shows how more diverse pretraining data leads to robuster ASR models🔥 Available on🤗Transformers & Hub:
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Sara Hooker    @sarahookr   ·   9/10/2021
fantastic blog post by @chipro "With so many new offerings for hardware to run ML models on, one question arises: how do we make a model built with an arbitrary framework run on arbitrary hardware?"
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Daniel Levy    @daniellevy__   ·   9/14/2021
Great collaboration with @violet_zct et al. on DRO for multilingual translation! Two key ideas: - surprisingly, the robust objective improves performance on *every* language pair (vs ERM) - tailoring the optimization algorithm to the architecture (here transformers) matters a lot
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Google AI    @GoogleAI   ·   9/16/2021
As #NeuralNetwork models and training data size grow, training efficiency has become more important. Today we present two families of models for image recognition that train faster and achieve state-of-the-art performance. Learn more and grab the code
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Google AI

Christopher Manning    @chrmanning   ·   9/12/2021
people use an easily measurable objective in place of what is good. Maybe they’re right that an optimization mindset tends to focus on process rather than goals. This demands refocusing on goals and defining a good, multifaceted objective function before you start to optimize.
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   8/19/2021
20,000+ machine learning models connected to 3,000+ apps? Hugging Face meets Zapier! 🤯🤯🤯 With the Hugging Face API, you can now easily connect models right into apps like Gmail, Slack, Twitter, and more: [1/2]
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François Chollet    @fchollet   ·   9/14/2021
Introducing TensorFlow Similarity: a toolbox to make it easy and fast to train similarity models.
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   6/30/2021
🏆⚡️ The latest MLPerf Benchmark results are out and Google's #TPU v4 has set new performance records! Now you can train some of the most common ML models in seconds. Learn more
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