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VentureBeat    @VentureBeat   ·   9/14/2021
Apple's iPhone 13 features A15 Bionic processor with 15B transistors by @deantak
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VentureBeat    @VentureBeat   ·   9/15/2021
Apple’s iPhone 13 features A15 Bionic processor with 15B transistors
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   7/28/2021
📈 Leverage context features and multitask learning. Improve the performance of your recommendation systems by leveraging context features multitask learning. See how
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Hyunjik Kim    @hyunjik11   ·   6/17/2021
We apply self-attention to this set of features, using both the features and the group distance between each pair to compute the attention weights. This attention mechanism is used to replace self-attention in the Transformer architecture, giving an equivariant Transformer.
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MIT CSAIL    @MIT_CSAIL   ·   6/8/2021
Over 40 years ago today Intel released the 8086 processor, the first of its "x86" architectures that power virtually all modern PCs and laptops: (v/@ComputerWorld)
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   9/16/2021
Write #Keras layers and models in NumPy style with the TensorFlow NumPy API! The tf_numpy API has full integration with the TF ecosystem, supporting features like TensorBoard, Keras model callbacks and more. Learn how to use it
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Gabriel Peyré    @gabrielpeyre   ·   9/6/2021
Fourier descriptors (Zahn and Roskies, 1972) are normalized Fourier moments features which are invariant to translation and rotation.
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Arthur Juliani    @awjuliani   ·   7/12/2021
Congrats to the ML-Agents team on the release! This is a great project showing off multi-agent cooperation in a game using off-the-shelf features available in the toolkit. It even comes with pre-trained models to play with yourself.
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Samuel Kaski    @samikaski   ·   9/6/2021
How to incorporate in BNNs prior knowledge about how many features are likely to be relevant, and what the signal-to-noise ratio is. Needed for genomics, for instance. With @tianyu_cui , @marttinen_pekka and Aki Havulinna. @FCAI_fi
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Julien Chaumond    @julien_c   ·   7/27/2021
🔥 Had a great time on the @mlopscommunity podcast recently chatting w/ @dpbrinkm on @aponteanalytics about upcoming features on the Hugging Face Model Hub =) You can check out the whole conversation at Thanks for having me!
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MathType    @MathType   ·   9/9/2021
Discover the alignment features of MathType's web interfaces, useful to write piecewise functions and systems of equations. Empower your math typewriting with #MathType.
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   8/18/2021
📣 TensorFlow 2.6.0 is out now! The release contains many new features like Keras splitting into a separate repository, support for custom gradients in SavedModels, security fixes, and more. Full release notes
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Dmytro Mishkin    @ducha_aiki   ·   9/3/2021
Local Representation is Not Enough: Soft Point-wise Transformer for Descriptor and Detector of Local Features Zihao Wang , Xueyi Li, Zhen Li tl;dr: multiscale attention arch for R2D2-like det-desc. NOT a matching architecture (i.e. everything is 1 img)
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Balaji Srinivasan    @balajis   ·   9/9/2021
Dozens of CBDCs are being designed around the world, some quite totalitarian, with negative interest rates, surveillance features, and similar mechanisms. But CBDCs by small countries that *acknowledge* they're operating in a Bitcoin-constrained environment could be different.
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Alex Kontorovich    @AlexKontorovich   ·   7/13/2021
This month's "Meet a Mathematician" at @MoMath1 features Professor Nicholas Katz of Princeton University. He has lots of amazing stories, among other things, about the Bourbaki collective, Grothendieck, and much much else. Thursday at 4 pm Eastern. Info:
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