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Paul Roetzer    @paulroetzer   ·   9/14/2021
Love to see @sheldon_tm of @PublicisSapient with @jkrohrs on the virtual stage now at #MAICON21! How to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation with #AI
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh   ·   9/14/2021
Not all #cloud services are equal. But when you use a microservices architecture, you can accelerate your digital transformation to evolve as fast as your business.
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh   ·   9/2/2021
Discover why the Khaleej Times is calling #Automation360 a “comprehensive cloud-native process discovery, digitization, automation and optimization” solution that’s ready to accelerate the digital transformation of any business.
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh   ·   9/5/2021
Digitization, automation and cloud make up the core pillars of digital transformation, and with the #cloud native #AI powered #Automation360, you get a powerful change agent that offers all three pillars.
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Intel AI    @IntelAI   ·   6/3/2021
We’re off to the Software for AI Optimization virtual summit, with talks on the next frontier for #AI, reducing deep learning integration costs, and advanced methods to accelerate model tuning. Take part live and on-demand by registering here:
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Intel AI

Joseph Sirosh    @josephsirosh   ·   9/17/2021
#AI is (finally) making significant inroads into applications in Real Estate, along with its digital transformation with platforms. Here's a short segment on CNBC about applications from mortgage to empowering the work of real estate agents and brokerages.
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Paul Roetzer    @paulroetzer   ·   9/1/2021
Artificial intelligence is just smarter technology. Invest in your future, learn how to apply #AI today. Join hundreds of next-gen marketers at #MAICON21 Sep 13-14. The virtual platform is open. Register now to start networking and learning!
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Arash Vahdat    @ArashVahdat   ·   7/23/2021
📢 HANT: Hardware-Aware Network Transformation How can we accelerate a trained network to meet efficiency requirements for deployment? The current network compression methods such as pruning, kernel fusion & quantization address this w/o changing underlying network operations.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   9/12/2021
If anything, the ecological transformation in parts of the Pacific northwest will be even more dramatic than what's happening in the western U.S. No longer a rainforest: B.C.’s Sunshine Coast long-term drought
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John Henderson    @johnhenderson   ·   7/28/2021
"Meetings are for the transformation of information, not the transmission of information." - @samkroon dropping knowledge BOMBS at the @airtreevc founder meetup right now.
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Sylvain Gugger    @GuggerSylvain   ·   6/4/2021
Running your training script on TPUs with PyTorch-XLA has never been easier with the new TPU VMs coupled with🤗Accelerate
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HoloBuilder    @HoloBuilder   ·   9/2/2021
ConTech has come a long way. In our new playbook, we examine the transformation of construction photo documentation. Get to know 5 ways a progress management platform can enhance your #construction processes: Thanks to all partners who made this happen!
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Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI   ·   7/12/2021
Stanford's Open Virtual Assistant Lab uses a novel and comparatively inexpensive approach to training virtual assistants, which researchers hope will widen the competition in smart speakers and address privacy concerns.
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh   ·   9/13/2021
Which executives in the C-suite are affected by #IntelligentAutomation, and what are they responsible for? Find out here 👇 and see why the C-suite must pay attention to intelligent automation and understand the transformation that's taking place.
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Chris Dixon    @cdixon   ·   8/22/2021
5/ This is not due to bad people or motives. It’s the logic of the model. If you don’t do these things, your competitors will, and you’ll be out of business. I wrote more about this here
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