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Nicole Holliday    @mixedlinguist   ·   9/14/2021
I do more than linguistics, I also do trivia! If you like smart(ish) people, trivia, or random Youtube content, we've got the show for you! Join me & some @geekswhodrink editorial staff every Tuesday night on Youtube for our panel show Technically Correct!
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Grant Sanderson    @3blue1brown   ·   8/5/2021
Another video I'm pretty pleased to have in blog form is the one about Fourier transforms. This was one where I really wished YouTube had some magic way to let people play with the core visual. Thanks to @Riverliway and @LeiosOS for this one.
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CUP Linguistics    @CambUP_LangLing   ·   9/9/2021
A great resource for #BAAL2021 delegates and all in #appliedlinguistics The LT Applied Linguistics Reading Pack provides an overview of the key content you need if you are looking for an MA or PhD topic / taking on a new group of MA or PhD students
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Martin Haspelmath    @haspelmath   ·   9/12/2021
Why distinguish between general linguistics (the study of Human Language) and theoretical linguistics (the non-applied study of language(s))? Here I say what motivated me to write about "general linguistics", and why this must involve universals.
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Lauren Gawne    @superlinguo   ·   7/22/2021
New podcast on the Linguistics and Language Podcasts list: Linguistics Lounge A podcast about language and discourse with Tony Fisher and Julia de Bres. Transcripts for all episodes!
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Nicole Holliday    @mixedlinguist   ·   9/8/2021
Get over to this (very comprehensive) website and get yourself some free linguistics knowledge!
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AllThingsLinguistic    @AllThingsLing   ·   9/9/2021
All of the languages discussed and mentioned in Crash Course Linguistics - superlinguo: The list below outlines the languages that feature in Crash Course Linguistics (Nielsen 2020). For each episode we list both illustrative examples and...
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CUP Linguistics    @CambUP_LangLing   ·   9/2/2021
See the latest monographs publishing soon in Language and Linguistics
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Peter Jenks    @psejenks   ·   8/23/2021
This fall I begin my second decade teaching linguistics @UCBerkeley. My main takeaways from this fact is that I am incredibly fortunate, and I am not young.
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Del Johnson    @DelJohnsonVC   ·   9/7/2021
It’s not that pattern recognition as a way to pick managers is antiquated, it’s that it was never right to begin with. And we’ve spent decades with the wrong people using the wrong metrics deciding who gets Capital We cannot leave fixing this problem to the people who caused it
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Nandan Thakur    @Nthakur20   ·   8/13/2021
Thank you for joining my talk on 🍻BEIR Benchmark yesterday at the #OpenNLP meetup. Incase you missed it, don't worry and you can now watch the YouTube recoding (from ~42:00) below. Find additional links 👇 #neuralsearch #IR #NLProc #search #ML #BERT
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The Gradient    @gradientpub   ·   8/27/2021
Check out episode 8 of The Gradient podcast with guest @ykilcher! 🎙️ We got into his start in AI research, his transition to being a startup founder, his work explaining AI papers on Youtube, and more! Listen here 👇
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Quanta Magazine    @QuantaMagazine   ·   9/11/2021
The Standard Model is the most successful scientific theory of all time. On the Quanta YouTube channel, David Tong, a theoretical physicist at the University of Cambridge, explains how the model comes together and what it’s still missing.
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Dr Sarah Shulist    @sarahshulist   ·   9/4/2021
People who know gymnastics widely acknowledge Biles could have died performing those tricks in her state. Jason Kenney hung out on a beach while hospitals became overwhelmed and people died as a direct result of his lack of action.
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   5/25/2021
Our own @GuggerSylvain and @LysandreJik will talk about the Hugging Face ecosystem tomorrow (May) 26 at 1pm PT on PyTorch Community Voices #PTCV. Come and ask any questions! We also have a surprise for you 🤗 YouTube: or Twitch:
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Nicole Holliday
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