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Andrew Poesaste    @poetential     9/14/2021
Robotic Industrial Process Automation by @gdibner Why we (@AngularVentures) invested in @CruxOcm - and a s/o to @robindchnt 馃憡
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Gil Dibner    @gdibner     9/14/2021
We are pretty excited about this one! Robotic Industrial Process Automation: Why we invested in CruxOCM
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh     9/6/2021
A lack of effective #ChangeManagement is the leading cause of Robotic Process Automation (#RPA) failure. Here's 5 change management best practices to keep you on track:
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Neurala    @Neurala     8/16/2021
The use of artificial intelligence has been growing across the industrial automation space for the several years now. But do you really understand what it does to affect outcomes? #AI #manufacturing #industry40 #quality
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Kai-Fu Lee    @kaifulee     7/11/2021
Our latest AI vision portfolio and 1st investment in Europe @Prophesee_ai event-based sensors + software for machines. The latest breakthrough tech can be used in computational photography, autonomous driving, industrial automation, IoT, healthcare, etc.
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh     9/8/2021
馃攷 Can you find all 15 words? 1. AAillustrates 2. AARI 3. Artificial intelligence 4. Automation 5. Automation Anywhere 6. Bot 7. Bot Insight 8. Bot Security 9. Bot Store 10. Cloud 11. Discovery Bot 12. Intelligent automation 13. IQ Bot 14. Machine learning 15. RPA
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh     9/2/2021
Discover why the Khaleej Times is calling #Automation360 a 鈥渃omprehensive cloud-native process discovery, digitization, automation and optimization鈥 solution that鈥檚 ready to accelerate the digital transformation of any business.
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Ken Norton    @kennethn     8/24/2021
Ah yes, that classic 0.6-1 ratio of engineers to product managers. Why do startups hire so many PMs? What is the thought process here?!
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Arash Vahdat    @ArashVahdat     6/11/2021
LSGM maps the input data to latent space using an encoder & applies a diffusion process to the latent encodings. For sampling, latent encodings are generated using a reverse diffusion process. They are then mapped to data space w/ decoder. LSGM is considered as VAE w/ SGM prior.
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Balaji Srinivasan    @balajis     9/5/2021
Robotics > demographics Instagram's 13 beat Kodak's 13k, and that's when automation was only in a digital context. With drones, it comes to the physical world. Power may emanate from the barrel of a gun, but that gun is increasingly controlled by a mouse and a keyboard.
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Y Combinator    @ycombinator     9/16/2021
Congrats to the @humanlyHR (YC W20) team! Seattle HR startup Humanly lands $4.2M to help companies automate parts of the interview process:
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh     9/5/2021
Digitization, automation and cloud make up the core pillars of digital transformation, and with the #cloud native #AI powered #Automation360, you get a powerful change agent that offers all three pillars.
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen     9/14/2021
A lot of people think that "respectively" is a good, logical word and a big space saving win but someone needs to tell them that cross-serial dependencies are really hard to process.
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Soumith Chintala    @soumithchintala     7/18/2021
Deep Learning is not yet enough to be the singular solution to most real-world automation. You need significant prior-injection, post-processing and other engineering in addition. Hence, companies selling DL models as an API have slowly turned into consulting shops.
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Neurala    @Neurala     8/20/2021
Read about our latest funding round - Neurala Raises $12 Million to Scale Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Manufacturing #AI #manufacturing #inspection #industry40 #funding by @automation_com
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA
Automation Anywhere empowers people by freeing them from repetitive, manual tasks, and making end-to-end business processes more efficient and productive.
Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA 40.8

Neurala is a pioneer in AI-powered quality inspection, dramatically reducing the time, cost and skills required to deploy custom vision AI on the factory floor.
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