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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen     9/14/2021
A lot of people think that "respectively" is a good, logical word and a big space saving win but someone needs to tell them that cross-serial dependencies are really hard to process.
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky     8/24/2021
If we had CGM (continuous glucose monitors), but for inflammation markers and for lung function, I think we'd really be onto something. Someone invent that/those.
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Techstars    @techstars     9/5/2021
馃挼 Finding the right investor for your startup is an important part of the fundraising process. Here鈥檚 how to find someone who understands your company and your goals.
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Beez SLS    @capital_sb     9/14/2021
It takes people much longer to reach their goals because they refuse to use their resources. If you are friends with someone who is knowledgeable on a subject or has experience with something you want to do, put your ego to the side and reach out to them.
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Beez SLS

Jacob Buckman    @jacobmbuckman     7/5/2021 This is awesome. I'm really enjoying seeing people push NeRF methods further and further. Every time a new demo drops, I get hyped about deep learning all over again!
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Grant Sanderson    @3blue1brown     8/5/2021
Another video I'm pretty pleased to have in blog form is the one about Fourier transforms. This was one where I really wished YouTube had some magic way to let people play with the core visual. Thanks to @Riverliway and @LeiosOS for this one.
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Gene Kogan    @genekogan     9/7/2021
This is a really cool idea for collective storytelling, 100% on-chain. You get a directed graph of story nodes. Any path through the graph tells a unique story, written by many people. The first great work of literature burned into the blockchain will be written this way.
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Christopher Manning    @chrmanning     9/12/2021
people use an easily measurable objective in place of what is good. Maybe they鈥檙e right that an optimization mindset tends to focus on process rather than goals. This demands refocusing on goals and defining a good, multifaceted objective function before you start to optimize.
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Linda Xie    @ljxie     8/28/2021
I鈥檓 not a maximalist of anything in crypto. There鈥檚 communities I personally gravitate towards because of the people, culture, and/or aspects I find interesting but I really love seeing many ecosystems flourish. It鈥檚 good for the crypto space as a whole!
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Linda Xie

Nils Reimers    @Nils_Reimers     9/8/2021
Easy access to datasets is a big game changer: It allows anyone to train on many datasets, leading to strong & robust models. Would be great to see more people contributing datasets, as this really is the limiting factor for many Machine Learning applications.
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Del Johnson    @DelJohnsonVC     9/7/2021
It鈥檚 not that pattern recognition as a way to pick managers is antiquated, it鈥檚 that it was never right to begin with. And we鈥檝e spent decades with the wrong people using the wrong metrics deciding who gets Capital We cannot leave fixing this problem to the people who caused it
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Dr Sarah Shulist    @sarahshulist     9/4/2021
People who know gymnastics widely acknowledge Biles could have died performing those tricks in her state. Jason Kenney hung out on a beach while hospitals became overwhelmed and people died as a direct result of his lack of action.
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If you expunge people鈥檚 records, dramatically lower charges (like home invasions!), and systematically not charge people for crimes, you can make crime disappear statistically! You will still be beaten, murdered, and robbed (in your home!) in San Francisco.
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Brenden Lake    @LakeBrenden     7/12/2021
GPT3 and people make that same gut errors on reasoning tests like "A bat and a ball cost $1.10..." Inspired by how people can override their gut, @Maxwell_Nye shows how to augment a neural "System 1" with a symbolic "System 2", no extra training required
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Benedict Evans    @benedictevans     9/5/2021
Every five years people have to learn again that satellite comms doesn鈥檛 work indoors and mesh networks don鈥檛 work as well as cellular.
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