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Aida Nematzadeh    @aidanematzadeh     9/14/2021
Deadline for submitting to NeurIPS workshop on "Meaning in Context: Pragmatic Communication in Humans and Machines" is coming up. Send us your abstracts/short papers:
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Sebastian Ruder    @seb_ruder     7/28/2021
Multilingual Representation Learning Workshop @ EMNLP 2021 If you are working on multilingual NLP, consider submitting to the MRL workshop. Submission deadline is August 27.
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Kyle Cranmer    @KyleCranmer     9/9/2021
馃毃 We have updated the paper deadline to September 27 for our Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences workshop at NeurIPS #ML4PS2021. Spread the word and get to writing!
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Seong Joon Oh    @coallaoh     9/12/2021
Cash prize for the best paper! We will award 1000 USD for the best paper at the NeurIPS 2021 workshop on ImageNet: Past, Present, and Future. Sponsored by Naver Labs Europe and Naver Clova. Submission deadline: 18 September 2021, 23:59 AOE More info:
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Pieter Abbeel    @pabbeel     8/12/2021
Deep RL Workshop is on for @NeurIPSConf 2021!! www: Paper Deadline: 9/17 **new**: solicitation of opinion abstracts (max 1 page) which we'll consider for additional invited talks -- + if controversial / challenging folk wisdom / identifying trends / etc
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Michael Poli    @MichaelPoli6     9/16/2021
The deadline for our #NeurIPS2021 workshop has been moved. More time to refine your submissions at the intersection of learning and differential equations! New submission deadline: September 24th
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Jonathan Frankle    @jefrankle     5/18/2021
NEW WORKSHOP: Sparsity in Neural Networks: Advancing Understanding and Practice (July 8-9, 2021). This workshop will bring together members of the many communities working on neural network sparsity to share their perspectives and the latest cutting-edge research (Deadline: 6/15)
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Vector Institute    @VectorInst     7/15/2021
We want a human to tell AI systems what they want it to do in a way that鈥檚 natural for the human." A new ML model allows for more "expressive" communication between researchers & agents. LTL2Action is one of many Vector related papers at @icmlconf 2021.
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George J. Pappas    @pappasg69     6/16/2021
Working safe and robust autonomy? Consider submitting to the special issue of the AI journal on Risk-aware Autonomous Systems: Theory and Practice. Deadline is October 15.
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Karol Hausman    @hausman_k     8/12/2021
Thank you @pabbeel &organizers for the invite - very excited about this! I've been attending Deep RL @NeurIPSConf workshop for awhile - I always really enjoyed hearing about progress in RL, meeting new folks and discussing the future of the field. Consider submitting your work!
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Jonathan Frankle    @jefrankle     6/9/2021
REMINDER: Sparsity in Neural Networks workshop deadline is in less than a week! You just need to submit an abstract and any supporting materials you like (blog post/paper/poster/slides). Full information here:
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NeurIPS Conference    @NeurIPSConf     8/12/2021
Excited to announce the accepted papers of the first round of the #NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmark Track. The second round is now open, deadline August 27th. #NeurIPSData
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Josh Wolfe    @wolfejosh     7/10/2021
Incredible use of ML by Lux family co @primer_ai auto-build knowledge base from billions of documents鈥擨N SECONDS Machines will be soon do SCIENCE Sorting thru billions of old papers, finding connections, incongruities, mistakes + then鈥enerating new testable conjectures!
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Weights & Biases    @weights_biases     9/9/2021
New podcast episode! 馃摙 @l2k and @emilymbender dive into the problems with bigger and bigger language models, the difference between form and meaning, the limits of benchmarks, and the #BenderRule. 馃帴: They discuss 4 of Emily's papers 猬囷笍 1/5
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julia kiseleva    @julia_kiseleva     7/23/2021
Join us at the poster sessions of the Human AI Collaboration Workshop and Reinforcement Learning for Real Life Workshop at #ICML2021 in a couple of hours! Looking forward to your feedback and questions! #NLProc #NeurIPS2021
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Aida Nematzadeh
Research scientist at @DeepMind. Interested in artificial & human intelligence focusing mainly on language. She/her.
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Seong Joon Oh
Machine learning researcher
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Sebastian Ruder
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Pieter Abbeel
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Kyle Cranmer
Particle physics, LHC, stats/ML/AI, collaborative & open science. Executive Director Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment at NYU.
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George J. Pappas
UPS Foundation Professor @Penn, department chair @ESEatPenn, former deputy dean @PennEngineers, former director @GRASPlab
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Michael Poli
CS PhD Student @Stanford Working at the intersection of deep learning, dynamical systems, control, approximate inference and numerical methods.
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