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David Cohen    @davidcohen   ·   9/14/2021
Applications now open! ➡️ 36 startups will be selected for accelerator programs in #Paris and #Stockholm. ➡️ In 2022, @Techstars plans to invest in more than 100 European #startups through programs in 7 countries. h
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Techstars    @techstars   ·   9/14/2021
Techstars is committed to investing in startup talent in Europe. We're excited to announce the launch of two new Techstars accelerator programs, @TechstarsParis & Stockholm Techstars Accelerator! Applications are open, apply now:
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Y Combinator    @ycombinator   ·   9/1/2021
YC's Summer 2021 Demo Day was our largest yet -- featuring 377 startups from 47 different countries, and a record 15 African startups in a single YC cohort. Meet all of the amazing African companies from YC S21:
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500 Startups    @500Startups   ·   7/12/2021
Mark your calendars! 500’s flagship demo day is happening on Thursday, September 16th. Meet and interact with the promising startups of Batch 28 through our exclusive, investor-only space. Stay tuned for more info!
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martin_casado    @martin_casado   ·   8/27/2021
Very excited about this. We’re going to invest deeply in our seed focused operating functions first few hires, first few customers, early company strategy. The first months and years are so important in a startup. We strive to be the best partner from there through ipo!
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Qualcomm Ventures    @QualcommVenture   ·   9/15/2021
DeepHow is an innovative company that streamlines knowledge capturing through #AI. In our latest blog, we share why we’re excited to invest in their team and the opportunity that lies ahead.
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Joseph Sirosh    @josephsirosh   ·   20 hours
#AI is (finally) making significant inroads into applications in Real Estate, along with its digital transformation with platforms. Here's a short segment on CNBC about applications from mortgage to empowering the work of real estate agents and brokerages.
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Ross Wightman    @wightmanr   ·   7/2/2021
img/sec requires specifying an accelerator and software stack to make meaningful comparison, flops isn't particularly useful either for similar reasons, accelerator utilization being a big factor.. but agree, parameters is probably the least useful for comparison of those 3.
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Alan Nichol    @alanmnichol   ·   9/14/2021
ML startups 2016: we'll help you tune your hyperparameters! 2021: we'll help you create a decent dataset
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Brenden Lake    @LakeBrenden   ·   6/15/2021
People can ask interesting questions without much effort. This model treats questions as compositional, symbolic programs and uses rapid neural synthesis. It also learns to ask good questions without supervised examples. #CogSci2021 paper from Ziyun Wang
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Gabriel Peyré    @gabrielpeyre   ·   12/5/2017
Computational Optimal Transport: the book. All you ever wanted to know about OT: theoretical insights, algorithms and applications!
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Ken Norton    @kennethn   ·   8/24/2021
Ah yes, that classic 0.6-1 ratio of engineers to product managers. Why do startups hire so many PMs? What is the thought process here?!
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Xavier Bresson    @xbresson   ·   6/29/2021
I recently spoke with a journalist about applications of Graph Neural Networks. I made a few slides to facilitate the discussion. I share them here -- hopefully they can be useful :)
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Techstars    @techstars   ·   9/6/2021
How do accelerators like Techstars work? Are they worth it? 🤔 @SVB_Financial shares tips on finding the right one for your startup, how to apply, and even accelerator alternatives.
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Jimmy Lin    @lintool   ·   9/16/2021
"On the Separation of Logical and Physical Ranking Models for Text Retrieval Applications." #DESIRES2021 paper: slides:
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Jimmy Lin

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