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Daniel Levy    @daniellevy__   ·   9/14/2021
Great collaboration with @violet_zct et al. on DRO for multilingual translation! Two key ideas: - surprisingly, the robust objective improves performance on *every* language pair (vs ERM) - tailoring the optimization algorithm to the architecture (here transformers) matters a lot
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Graham Neubig    @gneubig   ·   9/16/2021
Our new #EMNLP2021 paper describes a simple, efficient, and effective way to learn multilingual models that work well on *all* of the languages they're trained on. It's based on the framework of distributionally robust optimization with a number of important tweaks. Check it out!
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Sergey Levine    @svlevine   ·   7/16/2021
Data-driven design is a lot like offline RL. Want to design a drug molecule, protein, or robot? Offline model-based optimization (MBO) tackles this, and our new algorithm, conservative objective models (COMs) provides a simple approach: A thread:
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Christopher Manning    @chrmanning   ·   9/12/2021
people use an easily measurable objective in place of what is good. Maybe they’re right that an optimization mindset tends to focus on process rather than goals. This demands refocusing on goals and defining a good, multifaceted objective function before you start to optimize.
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Sebastian Ruder    @seb_ruder   ·   9/14/2021
How can we apply language models to language varieties without much data? In this project, we show that by ensembling adapters from related languages *at test time* and weighting them to become more confident in their prediction, we can obtain strong performance.
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Nandan Thakur    @Nthakur20   ·   9/12/2021
🔥15+ languages 🗣️ added to BEIR🔥 🍻 mBEIR is an effort to provide robust dense multilingual #IR retrievers in future. We add Mr.TyDI (10 lang, real data) and mMARCO (8 lang, translated data) for training and robust monolingual evaluation. Check README:
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Graham Neubig    @gneubig   ·   9/16/2021
When we train multilingual NLP models, we often have different parameters for each language. However, language is actually a continuum, with many varieties! Our #EMNLP2021 paper combines language-specific parameters, adapting at test time to peculiarities of individual sentences.
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Suraj Patil    @psuraj28   ·   6/18/2021
Blazing fast language generation with 🤗 Transformers and JAX/Flax 🔥 JAX makes it super easy to parallelize generation across multiple accelerators (tpu cores, multi GPUs) which gives a huge speed boost!
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Sebastian Ruder    @seb_ruder   ·   8/23/2021
Our RemBERT model (ICLR 2021) is finally open-source and available in 🤗 Transformers. RemBERT is a large multilingual Transformer that outperforms XLM-R (and mT5 with similar # of params) in zero-shot transfer. Docs: Paper:
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Niels Rogge    @NielsRogge   ·   9/9/2021
🔥 BEiT by @MSFTResearch is now available in @huggingface Transformers! As I really liked this paper and the figure was super-clear, it was a breeze to contribute :) it uses a very clever masked image modeling pre-train objective, inspired by BERT to outperform supervised ViT! 🤗
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Weights & Biases    @weights_biases   ·   9/10/2021
If you're interested in implementing PPO, check out @vwxyzjn's 11-step tutorial! PPO (Proximal Policy Optimization) is a deep RL algorithm released by @OpenAI in 2017 Bonus: After you implement PPO, watch experiment metrics as they come in live ⚡️
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   9/14/2021
📢 Introducing 🤗 Optimum A new open source library to optimize 🤗Transformers for production performance. 🏎 Quantize, Prune, Optimize models easily, targeting hardware from our partners @intel @graphcoreai @Qualcomm! 🤩
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Leo Boytsov    @srchvrs   ·   8/24/2021
Transformer architecture reality check. Most modifications do not lead to improved performance, unless the # of parameters is increased dramatically. One exception is decoupling input and output embedding parameters. h/t @seb_ruder
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Pin-Yu Chen    @pinyuchenTW   ·   6/21/2021
Join our live session #CVPR2021 @CVPRConf to know more about how data poisoning affects the certification performance of randomized smoothing for non-robust and robust models at test time!
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Rico Sennrich    @RicoSennrich   ·   9/17/2021
congratulations to @bricksdont for successfully defending his thesis on Robust Neural Machine Translation today! with many thanks to the external examiner @mjpost!
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