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Mark Suster    @msuster     9/15/2021
14/ If you look at our industry, it's now awash with capital that requires every firm to get very focused on where its edge comes from. If you're not a bulge-bracket VC, choose your positioning wisely (stage, sector, geography, founder access) ... way too many firms are generic
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Nathan Benaich    @nathanbenaich     9/9/2021
Question! Which companies whose product makes use of machine learning to create real business value for customers should we profile in @stateofaireport 2021? Can be any sector, company size/stage, geography. Bonus points for examples thad showcase an underappreciated trend.
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Sergey Ivanov    @SergeyI49013776     9/9/2021
What are applications of GNNs in the real world?馃寧 We decided to ask industry practitioners and organize a mini-workshop 馃彈 6 talks on graph embeddings, scaling, NLP, and more. Join us at Graph ML in Industry workshop on 23 Sept (free, online, ~3 hours).
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First Round    @firstround     8/10/2021
New on the Review: @SamCorcos is maniacal about tracking his time as a startup founder & CEO. He shares how he *actually* spent the first 2 years building @levels for a rare in-depth (and un-glamorized) analysis of a founder in the trenches. 馃摪:
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Jure Leskovec    @jure     9/7/2021
Stanford is proud to bring together leaders from academia&industry to showcase advances in Graph Neural Networks. Program includes applications, frameworks and industry panels on challenges of graph-based machine learning models. Register at:
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Paul Smith    @SaysSmithy     9/12/2021
Every week we run numerous headlines about startups raising capital, but the process of capital raising is not always well understood by would-be tech titans. @NGillezeau spoke with some founders and investors to fill in the gaps.
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Ofir Press    @OfirPress     9/8/2021
People have been asking me why I think sinusoidal embeddings don鈥檛 extrapolate while ALiBi does. I think it鈥檚 because with position embeddings, transformers don鈥檛 actually 鈥渦nderstand鈥 the concept of positioning. The following is my hypothesis- 馃У猬
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François Chollet    @fchollet     7/8/2021
Hyperparameter tuning? You're thinking small. You could be doing so much more... like architecture search. /s
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Beez SLS    @capital_sb     5/22/2020
YESSSSSSSS FIRST SUCCESS FROM MY DEFENSE INDUSTRY GUIDE 馃挭馃徑馃挭馃徑馃挭馃徑 He landed an overseas position a month after reading my guide. 7 figure game man no bs check it out if you are ready to work ht
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Beez SLS

Juan Sequeda    @juansequeda     9/6/2021
Extremely excited for my best friend @olafhartig! His research and work is already shaking up the graph database industry (Querying Linked Data, RDF-Star, GraphQL). Can鈥檛 wait to see what鈥檚 coming next!
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Ethan Caballero    @ethancaballero     9/16/2021
NYU's AI Department has just released a Neural Scaling Laws Seminar. They're pivoting to positioning themselves as #1 at academic ML Scaling (e.g. GPT-4) education. 馃檪 "PhD Seminar: Scaling Laws, the Bitter Lesson, and AI Research after GPT-3":
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Microsoft Research    @MSFTResearch     7 hours
ANSWER: A lively discussion on opportunities and challenges in human-oriented AI with Microsoft researchers, leading academics, and industry experts in reinforcement learning.
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Quanta Magazine    @QuantaMagazine     9/14/2021
An abstract space is n-dimensional if there are n degrees of freedom within it, or if it requires n coordinates to describe the location of a point. This sounds simple, but the idea of dimension can still be devilishly complex.
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Victor Dibia    @vykthur     7/19/2021
Honest question: How realistic are these requirements for a Snr ML Software Engr? Publication at NeurIPS, ACL, ICML, CVPR .. Algo + data structs expert Python + C/C++ Objective C, MacOS, iOS dev GPU programming System Administration Web dev Industry experience
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Juan Sequeda    @juansequeda     9/1/2021
Very honored to have been invited by @BarrasaDV @amyhodler @jimwebber from @neo4j to write the foreword for their book "Knowledge Graphs Data in Context for Responsive Businesses" Exciting times for the graph industry! This is a must read and it's FREE!
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