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Zachary Bogue    @zackbogue     9/15/2021
Love seeing @twelve_co2 featured in @ProcterGamble's Net Zero by 2040 Pledge! This @DCVC portfolio co transforms captured CO2 emissions into ingredients (for, eg, laundry detergent) using only water and renewable energy.
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Soumith Chintala    @soumithchintala     9/10/2021
As a dog-lover, this is one of my favorite uses of PyTorch so far. Also, my doggo "Idly" is featured in there :D
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The Gradient    @gradientpub     9/7/2021
Super excited for the Gradient to be featured on the front page of @SubstackInc!
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Backstage Capital    @Backstage_Cap     9/8/2021
We're hosting a virtual Investor Week 9/21-9/23 featuring select portfolio companies who are currently fundraising! Are you an accredited investor? Do you invest on behalf of a fund? Sign up here for 馃敟 deal flow from the Backstage Cap portfolio:
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Tech Nation    @TechNation     9/15/2021
Our top category of net zero companies this year is energy & electricity featuring wind turbine blade maker @ActBlade, waste energy platform @MeasurableUK, electric vehicle chargepoint management @Fuuseio, solar cooling products for developing regions @SolarPolar... (1/2)
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Grant Sanderson    @3blue1brown     8/5/2021
Another video I'm pretty pleased to have in blog form is the one about Fourier transforms. This was one where I really wished YouTube had some magic way to let people play with the core visual. Thanks to @Riverliway and @LeiosOS for this one.
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Leslie Picker    @LesliePicker     9/8/2021
Can you construct a net-zero portfolio with only long positions? @CliffordAsness says you can't, which may have interesting implications for hedge funds vs. mutual funds in ESG investing
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Quanta Magazine    @QuantaMagazine     9/1/2021
Sometimes the brain鈥檚 electrical output looks more like jagged noise than smooth waves. A technique called Fourier analysis helps researchers break down aperiodic brain activity, much as a prism transforms a sunbeam into a rainbow.
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PyTorch Lightning    @PyTorchLightnin     6/16/2021
鈿★笍 馃柤 鈿★笍 Flash 0.3.0 Feature Spotlight! Use the Task Visualization feature with easy-to-use #visualization callbacks to Flash Tasks, which are useful to visually inspect the impact of different transforms on your data before launching a training. 1 of 2 h
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Demis Hassabis    @demishassabis     8/26/2021
The #AlphaFold 2 papers on the methods and human proteome predictions are out today in hard copy in @Nature! A really proud moment to see our work featured with a fantastic image on the front cover of the issue:
 Reply      Retweet   576      Like     2937    @koredotai     9/1/2021 has been featured by @analyticsinme as one of the top 7 #ConversationalAI platforms to try in 2021. "Created with the needs of businesses in mind." Read more here:
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Andrew Lampinen    @AndrewLampinen     8/12/2021
I've often thought that some of what people consider a separate "system 1 vs system 2" might be well captured with a single architecture that just decides how long to think. Glad to see some progress in that direction, and excited for further work in this area!
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