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Vertex Ventures    @vertexventures   ·   9/15/2021
Excited to share our Bengaluru-based #banking workflow automation #startup @TeamSignzy has entered the UAE through a deal with Seed Group! The timely partnership aims to boost #digital #transformation of businesses across industries
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Gil Dibner    @gdibner   ·   9/14/2021
We are pretty excited about this one! Robotic Industrial Process Automation: Why we invested in CruxOCM
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Alex Iskold | 2048 Ventures | 🤖 🚀💡    @alexiskold   ·   9/8/2021
📈We are so excited to grow @2048vc and to expand our partnership! 🧬We are bringing on board a Principal to lead our Biotechnology and Digital Health Practice. We would love for you to share this opportunity with your network: thread 👇👇👇
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Automation Anywhere: The only cloud-native #RPA    @AutomationAnywh   ·   9/8/2021
🔎 Can you find all 15 words? 1. AAillustrates 2. AARI 3. Artificial intelligence 4. Automation 5. Automation Anywhere 6. Bot 7. Bot Insight 8. Bot Security 9. Bot Store 10. Cloud 11. Discovery Bot 12. Intelligent automation 13. IQ Bot 14. Machine learning 15. RPA
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martin_casado    @martin_casado   ·   8/27/2021
Very excited about this. We’re going to invest deeply in our seed focused operating functions first few hires, first few customers, early company strategy. The first months and years are so important in a startup. We strive to be the best partner from there through ipo!
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Qualcomm Ventures    @QualcommVenture   ·   9/15/2021
DeepHow is an innovative company that streamlines knowledge capturing through #AI. In our latest blog, we share why we’re excited to invest in their team and the opportunity that lies ahead.
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Neurala    @Neurala   ·   8/16/2021
The use of artificial intelligence has been growing across the industrial automation space for the several years now. But do you really understand what it does to affect outcomes? #AI #manufacturing #industry40 #quality
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Thomas Kipf    @thomaskipf   ·   7/19/2021
Excited to see how far Slot Attention (+ compositional NeRF) can be pushed for object-centric modeling of 3D scenes! This work also introduces "background-aware Slot Attention" which fixes a common issue of backgrounds being split across multiple slots.
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The Gradient    @gradientpub   ·   9/7/2021
Super excited for the Gradient to be featured on the front page of @SubstackInc!
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Alex Ratner    @ajratner   ·   8/11/2021
Excited for this discussion! Data centric AI is not just a technical idea- it’s a community focus one. Data is not just “preprocessing” for AI dev- it’s the heart and center. Excited to discuss @SnorkelAI ‘s unique programmatic approach + the data centric shift more broadly!
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun   ·   9/10/2021
There is lot more to natural languages than text: tone, accent, expression, prosody, timbre, pitch..... "Textless NLP" represents speech through a stream of discrete tokens, automatically learned through self-supervised learning, directly fed with raw speech waveform! A new era.
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TTchumatchenko    @TTchumatchenko   ·   7/14/2021
Excited to participate tomorrow in the Q&A on dynamical systems at @neuromatch.
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Andrew Poesaste    @poetential   ·   9/14/2021
Robotic Industrial Process Automation by @gdibner Why we (@AngularVentures) invested in @CruxOcm - and a s/o to @robindchnt 👊
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Ines Montani 〰️    @_inesmontani   ·   7/7/2021
Super excited about this feature and it's SO smooth 🔥 It basically works just like `twine upload`, but for @spacy_io pipeline packages!
 Reply      Retweet   6      Like     59    @koredotai   ·   9/1/2021 has been featured by @analyticsinme as one of the top 7 #ConversationalAI platforms to try in 2021. "Created with the needs of businesses in mind." Read more here:
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