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MathType    @MathType   ·   9/15/2021
Liouville's theorem states that every bounded function that is holomorphic in the whole complex plane must be constant. It is a classical result in #ComplexAnalysis. #MathType
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Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner   ·   7/16/2021
Common issue in deep learning projects is that complex method designs are adopted before basic debugging. Often this leads to situations where the data loader still loads black images, but we've already tried 10 loss function.... cuz a paper claimed these would improve results.
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MathType    @MathType   ·   9/7/2021
Cyclotomic polynomials are polynomials whose complex roots are primitive roots of unity. They play an important role in algebraic #NumberTheory and #Galois theory, being used to build abelian field extensions. #MathType
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MathType    @MathType   ·   7/16/2021
The linear transport equation models the variation of the concentration of a substance flowing at constant speed and direction. It's one of the easiest partial differential equations, and one of the few that admits an analytic solution. #PDE #Analysis #MathType
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MathType    @MathType   ·   9/1/2021
The Gelfond-Schneider theorem is a partial positive answer to Hilbert's 7th Problem, giving a check for transcendability (not being the solution to ANY polynomial equation in rational coefficients) for a big class of numbers #Analysis #MathType
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MathType    @MathType   ·   9/13/2021
Math fact: both the jacobian matrix and its determinant are referred to as “The Jacobian”. Confusing right? The Jacobian matrix of a vector-valued function, named after Carl Gustav Jacobi, is the matrix of all its first-order partial derivatives. #VectorCalculus #MathType
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Khanh Nguyen    @khanhxuannguyen   ·   6/15/2021
“Enough” does not mean “efficient”. A two-layer neural network with sufficient width can approximate any function. But the width could grow exponentially with the complexity of the function. Deep nets are more efficient function appriximators.
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Grzegorz Chrupała 🇪🇺    @gchrupala   ·   9/16/2021
If a function to read a CSV file needs to have 52 parameters, maybe that's an indication that something is not quite right.
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LeighDrogen.eth    @LDrogen   ·   9/6/2021
My wife has been saying this for a long time, that the obesity is a function not of the diet but of what’s in the meat, it’s all the runoff and hormones If you go to Europe and eat the same stuff you lose weight Same with out in Montana
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David Pfau    @pfau   ·   9/11/2021
And real progress in AI will probably not come until we have the equivalent of complex analysis for intelligence.
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Oriol Vinyals    @OriolVinyalsML   ·   6/11/2021
MuZero removed simulators in MBRL vs AlphaGo. VQ Models for Planning generalize to partial observable & stochastic environments. How? 1. Discretize states w/ VQVAE 2. Train a LM over states 3. Plan w/ MCTS using the LM Led by @yazhe_li & @sherjilozair
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John Carlos Baez    @johncarlosbaez   ·   7/8/2021
Cool fact: Setᵒᵖ is equivalent to a certain category of very nice boolean algebras. A 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝗹𝗴𝗲𝗯𝗿𝗮 is a set with operations "and", "or", and "not" obeying all the usual laws of classical logic. Do you know how any set gives a boolean algebra? (2/n)
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Paul Kedrosky    @pkedrosky   ·   8/24/2021
If we had CGM (continuous glucose monitors), but for inflammation markers and for lung function, I think we'd really be onto something. Someone invent that/those.
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Olivier Grisel    @ogrisel   ·   6/10/2021
Interesting use case for advanced second order optimizers like Shampoo: distillation with function matching where overfitting never happens:
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VentureBeat    @VentureBeat   ·   9/7/2021
Large language models aren't always more complex by @Kyle_L_Wiggers
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