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From SLAM to Spatial AI; Professor of Robot Vision, Imperial College London; Director of the Dyson Robotics Lab; Co-Founder of SLAMcore.


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Andrew Davison    @AjdDavison    11/30/2021      

Free registration for 3DV starting tomorrow! Great lineup of speakers and papers.
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Andrew Davison    @AjdDavison    11/29/2021      

Neural scene models like NeRF can encode other properties, such as semantic maps. Joint representation means these maps share the coherence of occupancy/colour, allowing dense 3D prediction from very sparse or noisy in-place supervision (e.g. a fast 2D CNN, or clicks). #ICCV2021

Andrew Davison    @AjdDavison    11/25/2021      

From a single depth view of a pile of objects we can predict the shape and pose of all the convex objects in it, with plausible guesses even for those which are partially or fully occluded. This then allows general robot planning. Dyson Robotics Lab #ICCV2021