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Automation Anywhere empowers people by freeing them from repetitive, manual tasks, and making end-to-end business processes more efficient and productive.


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Do you know how the companies you know and love are innovating and accelerating operations to keep up with increased demand? They use #RPA, and you can too. Learn how today #AAU #Automation
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Take your tweets to easy street with #Automation360 Twitter Package and automatically update your account, track specific trends, and retweet targeted updates, all from a single #Bot. Learn more. 🤖
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With the security and auditing features of #Automation360 and #AARI, an IT team can: ⏩ Improve response times by 50% ✅ Increase customer satisfaction scores by 15% ⚠️ Completely eliminate errors Learn more:

With a cloud-native #RPA platform, you can add horsepower to workflows that already exist to simplify your digital transformation and scale your #automation at your own pace. Learn more today. 👇
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☁️ 1000+ bots. 💲 $12M in savings. But @valeglobal is getting even more from #RPA. By enabling their people with #RPA, they allow their talent to do the important work and let the bots take care of the repetitive tasks. ✅

You want to automate anytime–anywhere? ☁️ #Cloud gets you there. 1/5 the cost of legacy platforms 2X more processes 3X faster It's as easy as 1, 2, #Automation360 Find out more about how Cloud-native #RPA can help:
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⚡ #IQBot, the world's only cloud-native IDP solution which combines the power of RPA & AI, was named a leader for the second consecutive year in @EverestGroup’s #IDP Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021. Get the report ➡️

“Everyone has some work in their life that a bot would do better,” @nancy_hauge says. Implementing #RPA can help your business free up valuable time. Nancy covers these topics and other areas in HR to help businesses gain an edge. Learn more 👉

6️⃣ Steps to introduce #RPA to your employees Get all the details here in @ArgentoLara's blog: TL;DR Focus on people, not technology h
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❗ Customers want more from contact centers. 💡 Find out how to simplify work for live agents and support omnichannel customer experiences with cloud-native, intelligent automation Download the eBook - 3 ways to level up your contact center:
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3 ways bots can help you face customers 🤖 = Timely and targeted communications. 🤖 = Organized customer info 🤖 = Comprehensive customer 360 profiles Learn more
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Upgrade how you process data 💻 with the right #automation that streamlines the workflow and increases accuracy. Whether you need to extract information from a Word doc, an email, or a PDF, IQ Bot knows what to do.
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With the help of #RPA and a centralized approach, Network International (@networkonsocial) has been able to: 1️⃣ Teach employees how to use bots 2️⃣ Automate business operations in two months (UAE) 3️⃣ Implement #RPA in other areas like IT 👉 Learn more:
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Join us for Coffee with @nancy_hauge ☕ In this virtual event Nancy Hauge, CHRO - Automation Anywhere, shares her perspective on People Centric Analytics.
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With the power of #RPA, you can overhaul your entire HR department by automating processes such as: ✔️ Resume screening ✔️ Onboarding ✔️ Payroll processing ✔️ Handling of employee data 👉 Learn more on how you can automate your HR processes at:

What's your Bot IQ? 💡 Elevate it to genius-level in Intelligent Document Processing (#IDP) with #IQBot, part of the #Automation360 platform. 🏆Named a leader for the 2nd consecutive year in the @EverestGroup IDP Peak Matrix:
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When looking for an #RPA platform, make sure it’s: ☁️ #Cloud native 📈 Scalable 🔒 Secure Learn more #automation top tips today.
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RPA Security 101: 👮 Always Audit Software ✅ Sustain Comprehensive Compliance 📇 Implement #SSO Access 🏃‍♀️ Provide Employee Training 📈 Expect The Unexpected Learn more today: ht
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This NHS RPA white paper series is a call to action to every healthcare system the world over to embrace technology and intelligent automation to better serve patients and staff. Read the white paper here: #RPA #Automation @AutomationAnywh #healthcare