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Mathematician, AI Ethicist, Magic the Gathering player. NLP researcher at #EleutherAI and @BoozAllen My employer disowns my tweets. She/her


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Stella Rose Biderman    @BlancheMinerva    11/28/2021      

the inference serves her well until Christmas morning, when he wrings her neck and serves her for dinner.” Phenomenal thread on the benefits and limitations of randomized controlled studies, and the importance of integrating experiments with other forms of knowledge.
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Stella Rose Biderman    @BlancheMinerva    11/25/2021      

Very important conversation about "MetaFormer is Actually What You Need for Vision" by @ChrSzegedy @giffmana @_clashluke tl;dr claims are misleading, paper does not show the improvement it claims.
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Stella Rose Biderman    @BlancheMinerva    11/23/2021      

Congrats on the paper! At a glance it looks like your results are much more similar to "Multitask Prompted Training Enables Zero-Shot Task Generalization" than "Finetuned Language Models are Zero Shot Learners." Do you have any thoughts on comparisons between the three papers?