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Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/29/2021      

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Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/28/2021      

Some places call this a “snow day”. Here we dust-off and call it “🇨🇦 life”. 😀 #Toronto https://t.co/upuvNdK3NX

Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/26/2021      

The illustrated guide to a #PhD. https://t.co/cKWNocdrpU

Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/24/2021      

#ICPR2022 Call for Challenges https://t.co/LKsI0LENVE

Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/24/2021      

Thanks @docmilanfar, I don’t think I can look at fried food the same way again 😬 https://t.co/6WIiKZiMZR

Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/24/2021      

Among public universities worldwide, Canadian professor salaries are the highest. (All Canadian universities are public.)

Kosta Derpanis    @CSProfKGD    11/23/2021      

Glad to see so many uses for our Penn Action dataset @dreamdragonz @zhweiyu https://t.co/1mBKkxvzZP https://t.co/lAIqZvCuH4
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