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CVPR    @CVPR    11/29/2021      

Please read the #CVPR2022 reviewer guidelines carefully as there are changes this year: Check out the reviewer tutorial slides by our Program Chairs: and the accompanying new reviewer tutorial video:
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/29/2021      

#ComputerVision community, 16.2K followers looks mighty low for our premier annual conference, #CVPR2022. Let’s get that number up!
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/25/2021      

Meet your #CVPR2022 Program Chairs, the group responsible for organizing the technical program. Follow them: @GangHua1 @stefanroth @KristinJDana @RichaSingh26 Please direct all CVPR-related inquiries only to @CVPR List of all organizers:
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/24/2021      

Less than 24 hours left to submit your #CVPR2022 supplemental material. Please submit as early as possible to avoid any (we hope not) upload issues.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/23/2021      

With the help of @MicrosoftCMT staff, we were able to send confirmations that missing conflicts have been fixed. If you received a confirmation, all is well. If not, you will be reminded again to take action.

CVPR    @CVPR    11/20/2021      

Upcoming #CVPR2022 deadlines: Supplementary Materials Deadline - November 24, 2021 (9:59AM Pacific Time) Tutorials Proposal Submission Deadline - December 16, 2021 (11:59PM Pacific Time)
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/20/2021      

Preliminary #CVPR2022 paper stats: Paper IDs registered: 11,083 Actual paper submissions: 8,162 The actual paper submissions are subject to change due to desk rejects. Currently, our program chairs are reviewing the papers for desk rejects.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/17/2021      

Reason behind @MicrosoftCMT crash: CMT informed us that the allocation of servers based on the rate of #CVPR2022 submissions a couple of hours before deadline was inadequate for the final crush. Moral of the story: Do not submit at the last possible minute tomorrow!
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/17/2021      

Because the @MicrosoftCMT site was down for the last hour before the #CVPR2022 deadline, our Program Chairs decided to extend the paper submission deadline to 11:59am PST (noon) on 11/18/2021. The CMT submission website is back up and accepting submissions. 1/2
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/17/2021      

We have not yet heard from CMT about the cause of the crash. Authors should proceed with caution. Do not wait until the last moment to upload! As long as CMT remains up for most of the time until the deadline, no additional extension will be given for last minute problems. 2/2
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/15/2021      

Official statement from our #CVPR2022 program chairs.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/15/2021      

Official response from our #CVPR2022 program chairs.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/10/2021      

#CVPR2022 message from our program chairs. Please check the author guidelines ( for recent updates.
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/5/2021      

Both first-time and experienced #CVPR2022 reviewers, take the time to check out the reviewer guidelines. Reviewer Guidelines Link:
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CVPR    @CVPR    11/2/2021      

#CVPR2022 paper registration deadline is on November 9, 2021 (11:59PM Pacific Time). This is a HARD deadline. Authors cannot register new submissions after that date, but can continue modifying existing ones. Timelines:
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CVPR    @CVPR    10/27/2021      

New FAQ's covering video links in and project websites about arXiv preprints of #CVPR2022 submissions, have been posted in the author guidelines.
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