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Co-founder & CEO @HuggingFace 🤗, the platform to build machine learning. Started with computer vision @moodstocks (acquired by @Google)


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clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    11/26/2021      

Should we do twitter hiring sessions? 1-hour answer max for an answer, no-bullshit, constructive feedback

clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    11/25/2021      

Got a couple of good ones (some fails though but very fun!) :)

clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    11/25/2021      

Super cool! I'm sure people would love to find it on!

clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    11/22/2021      

Awesome to see @SashaMTL @huggingface being mentioned on @CNN
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