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Our mission: build the world's best quantum computers to solve the world's hardest problems. The first public pure-play quantum computing company (NYSE: $IONQ)


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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    10 hours      

Are you a @qiskit Advocate? A Cirq contributer? a @pennylaneai proselytizer? Want to work on these libraries (and more) full-time? IonQ is hiring a quantum tools engineer!
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/30/2021      

Our co-founder and Chief Scientist Chris Monroe was interviewed for this InformationWeek piece on the past and likely future of supercomputing for the enterprise (hint: quantum is involved!)
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/29/2021      

Hard to believe that #Q2B21 is just a week away! We're excited to be a sponsor for this year's event and to have another chance to connect with the quantum community. Join us!
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/23/2021      

We've been working with @DellTech on a proof-of-concept for a hybrid classical-quantum platform that pairs IonQ hardware with @DellEMC compute. It's still ongoing, but they recently wrote about its early progress and key takeaways check it out!
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/22/2021      

We're still so excited to be working with @MultiverseQC. It checks all of the boxes for us—bringing quantum into finance, bringing quantum to existing workflows, maximizing access to the technology, and more.
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/2/2021      

Exciting news! We've joined the Northwest Quantum Nexus, a coalition to support Quantum Information Science research and workforce development in The Pacific Northwest, alongside amazing partners like @Microsoft, @PNNLab, and @UW.
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