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Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner    11/23/2021      

For the chess enthusiasts: Tomorrow, the FIDE Chess World Championship 2021 starts! My (insider) prediction: The next world champion will be Iranian :)

Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner    11/23/2021      

We have a PostDoc opening for Neural Rendering & Implicit 3D Representations! We offer a fantastic environment with 18 amazing PhD students. The position is E14 with generous research funds - no overhead, just top-notch research! Please share & apply :)
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Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner    10/9/2021      

"4DComplete: Non-Rigid Motion Estimation Beyond the Observable Surface" at #ICCV2021! - GT dataset with 1,972 non-rigid sequences of humanoids/animals - new method that estimates non-rigid motion for unobserved geometry Vid. Proj.
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Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner    9/23/2021      

(8/n) Training speed: given that deep learning is so empirical, it’s critical that your setup facilitates fast turnaround times for debugging. Make sure you understand where the bottle neck lies (data loading vs backprop); a single batch should be processed in under a second.

Matthias Niessner    @MattNiessner    6/29/2021      

The initial two nodes of our Slurm cluster expansion are here - quite exciting to have the possibility to train larger models :)
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