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Davis Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. New book, "Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans":


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Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/30/2021      

Re-post of my short perspective piece on the analogies of COVID, with an updated reflection.
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Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/28/2021      

Two other letters whose names describe themselves: W (double-u, or in French, double-v), Y (in French, "Greek i"). Any others?

Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/27/2021      

This was a very fun conversation with @kensycoop. Check out other episodes of this podcast as well!
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Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/26/2021      

This is such a perfect metaphor for AI. (From

Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/25/2021      

I'm very much enjoying @matthewcobb's "The Idea of the Brain." Also fun to hear him today on @voxdotcom "Unexplainable" podcast talking about metaphors we use to understand the brain. A recent metaphor not mentioned: The brain is a "game engine" (
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Melanie Mitchell    @MelMitchell1    11/23/2021      

This panel, and the whole conference look terrific -- and registration is free!
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