Mathias Niepert   @Mniepert

Chief Scientist and head of ML group @ NEC Labs Europe, ML for relational data, geometric deep learning, XAI. Formerly @IUBloomington and @uwcse


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Mathias Niepert    @Mniepert    11/26/2021      

Since the GNNs for missing data are trending, I feel inclined to advertise our method published 2018 ( which learns, for each node and feature type, a vector for the available and one for the missing values. These are aggregated during message passing.
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Mathias Niepert    @Mniepert    11/24/2021      

Positive phase 1 trial of cancer vaccine developed with graph-based ML. NEC's neoantigen prediction system using AI methods, such as graph-based relational learning, trained on multiple sources of biological data to discover candidate neoantigen targets.
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