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CEO/cofounder of MosaicML. Former CEO/cofounder of Nervana/IntelAI. I like to build stuff that will eventually learn how to build other stuff.

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Naveen Rao    @NaveenGRao   ·   10/18/2021
Curious about our process for vetting methods for compute efficient training @MosaicML? Read our detailed methodology blog by our research team. Our motivation is to establish an efficiency ground-truth!
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Naveen Rao    @NaveenGRao   ·   9/23/2021
When you type “convex” into your phone and and the next word prediction is “optimization”, it means you hang with the right people
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Naveen Rao    @NaveenGRao   ·   10/8/2021
In the context of neural network training, we can usually find ways to split computation over a desired number of devices. So, we don’t need to think monolithically and jam everything in one mega processor.
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