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Me to my partner: thank you for the beautiful flowers, they really made my day! Me to my cat: thanks for nibbling on the flowers and puking all over the place! Really puts things into perspective!

My teenage niece sees me checking my Facebook and goes: "Wow, and I thought you were cool!"... Whelp, guess I'm morally obligated to uninstall Facebook now.

Just got tickets to go see @Cirque in the Old Port of Montreal in June! Nature is healing and Covid better not ruin that 🤞

The worst part about changing jobs is having to copy all your stuff from one GDrive to another. It's like spring cleaning for your soul..

It's the first day of snow! A.k.a the day of "Crap, where did I put all the kids' winter stuff?" day.

I totally understand how LaTeX makes people go bananas: the \hyperref package is not to be confused with the \href package, and whereas the former takes square brackets followed by curly brackets, the latter takes two sets of curly brackets (and their order matters!) 🤦‍♀️

I'm so happy that @rachelmetz included the dog poop example in her explanation of #algorithms : https://t.co/0kVEW1NG6s But also -- this article does a great job of explaining what algorithms are and why they matter! 🤓
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Putting leaves into garbage bags for collection should be illegal. Leaves decompose in months; garbage bags do in centuries. It's not rocket science.
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