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UCSB NLP Lab + ML Center. https://t.co/6TOnqbBa0T https://t.co/KJYhnaM6Gt Mellichamp Chair Prof. at UCSB CS. PhD @ CMU SCS. Areas: #NLProc, Machine Learning, AI.

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William Wang    @WilliamWangNLP   ·   10/13/2021
I strongly recommend this comprehensive #NLProc survey paper: Data Augmentation Approaches in Natural Language Processing https://t.co/NJBkEAUuXR by @WanxiangChe and students. Data augmentation is one of the few proven techniques that always deliver strong results.
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William Wang    @WilliamWangNLP   ·   6/1/2021
Congratulations UCSB #NLProc Group PhD student @WenhuChen for successfully defending his PhD thesis "Accessing Diverse Web Knowledge with Natural Language Interface" today with flying colors!
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William Wang    @WilliamWangNLP   ·   10/11/2021
Congratulations UCSB #NLProc student and faculty authors who have contributed to 8 papers at #NeurIPS this year! We will present in the areas of QA, robust learning, MT, dialogue, ASR, GAN, XAI, and Vision & Language. #NeurIPS2021
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