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Ines Montani 〰️    @_inesmontani    11/26/2021      

Great article in @Guardian on how they're using @spacy_io and to indentify quotes in text I especially like the focus on designing annotation schemes to deal with ambiguity in language it's why iteration is SO important!
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Ines Montani 〰️    @_inesmontani    11/24/2021      

I'm used to sales people not leaving me alone. Following up weekly to try and get them to reply to me again so I can give them my money is a new one for me... Anyone got tips for how to get @github to talk to me? cc: @ashtom

Ines Montani 〰️    @_inesmontani    11/24/2021      

I've been trying to buy @github Enterprise Cloud for ~1 month now and I've never been straight up ghosted by sales before 🤯 I got tricked into thinking that what you buy yourself online == what's documented. It's not. You need a "sales-managed plan". To which GH says this (!):
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