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Author of the book Hands-On #MachineLearning with #ScikitLearn, #Keras and #TensorFlow. Former PM of #YouTube video classification. Founder of telco operator.


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Aurélien Geron    @aureliengeron    11/25/2021      

I just had the chance to review "Natural Language Processing with Transformers" by @_lewtun, @lvwerra and @Thom_Wolf from 🤗@huggingface: it's a fantastic book! Very clear, hands-on, and packed with helpful tips & tricks. Check out the early release:
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Aurélien Geron    @aureliengeron    11/23/2021      

I mostly use @code, but vim is great too, especially for the handy macros: it's often faster than writing a script (when a regex can't do it). qa = start recording a macro named 'a' (use any letter you want) q = stop recording @​a = play macro 'a' 10@​a = play macro 'a' 10 times
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Aurélien Geron    @aureliengeron    10/27/2021      

Of course, there are some great hyperparameter tuning libs out there: hyperopt, scikit-optimize, KerasTuner, and more. Random search is nice and simple and in many cases it can be good enough, but give these libs a try! 4/4👋
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