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Director, @StanfordAILab. Assoc. Director, @StanfordHAI. Founder, @stanfordnlp. Prof. Computer Science (CS) & Linguistics, @Stanford. 🇦🇺 Do #NLProc & #AI. 👋


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Christopher Manning    @chrmanning    11/24/2021      

Interesting thread and linked-to blog post on Silicon Valley, liberalism, conservatism, and libertarianism. But for the @stanfordnlp group, I’m just wondering why we haven’t been taking advantage of the posited link between NLP and @esalen…. 🤔 💭 🛀🌲

Christopher Manning    @chrmanning    11/23/2021      

We seem to be seeing a new split on immigration, with the US and UK seemingly determined to keep most immigrants out, but Germany and Canada, and, very soon, Australia again, throwing down big welcome mats (via @NYTimes).
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