Chris J. Maddison   @cjmaddison

Asst. Prof. at UofT and Canada CIFAR AI Chair at the Vector Institute.


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Chris J. Maddison    @cjmaddison    11/24/2021      

In this talk, I give a simple perspective on representation learning. The recent progress should be blowing your mind: in 2012, a single network (AlexNet) solved a single dataset (ImageNet). In 2021, a single network (CLIP) solved an entire subfield (image classification).
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Chris J. Maddison    @cjmaddison    5/28/2021      

With #NeurIPS2021 deadline done, I'm celebrating the end of my first year @UofTCompSci, @UofTStatSci, @VectorInst. I'm grateful to my students and colleagues. You welcomed me and supported me, I who am still mostly a little rectangle on Zoom. Here's to being in person soon!
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