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The Gradient    @gradientpub    11/23/2021      

Check out our interview with @Miles_Brundage! He is Head of Policy Research at @openai and is passionate about the responsible governance of AI. We chat about the economic impacts of AI, misuses of AI, how to make AI trustworthy, and more! πŸ‘‚ πŸ‘‡
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The Gradient    @gradientpub    11/18/2021      

Take a listen to our interview with Jeffrey Ding @jjding99, a postdoctoral fellow at @StanfordCISAC / @StanfordHAI We talk about Deciphering China’s AI Dream, the 'AI Arms Race', China's Current Capabilities in AI, his ChinaAI newsletter, and more! πŸ‘‡
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The Gradient    @gradientpub    11/15/2021      

What is intelligence? The term does not have a single definition, but being able to explain your decisions is often seen as a core aspect of it. Check out our primer on how Machine Learning models may do this via Interpretability & Explainability: πŸ‘‡
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The Gradient    @gradientpub    9/19/2021      

Large machine learning models often have significant environmental costs. In this essay, @atg_abhishek makes the case for Sustainable AI -- and why it's about more than just the environment.
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