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Haptik    @haptik    4 hours      

We had a wonderful time hosting industry leaders for a closed-door, exclusive roundtable discussion yesterday! @aakrit & @pratyushkukreja discussed the power of WhatsApp to transform how brands imagine Commerce. Here are a few pictures from the session 👇
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Haptik    @haptik    11/30/2021      

It is exciting to see how shopping has transformed to become messaging-first and communication platforms like WhatsApp are driving end-to-end shopping experiences for users by bringing immediacy, convenience & ease to the whole gamut of online shopping #OnlineShop

Haptik    @haptik    11/30/2021      

Users can simply Chat > Browse > Buy directly on WhatsApp & @JioMart is the first brand in India to bring this stellar shopping experience using #WhatsApp & Haptik Click on the link to learn how JioMart users can shop for groceries directly via WhatsApp - https://t.co/3vWud3OauG
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Haptik    @haptik    11/26/2021      

Welcome to our team of achievers! We are delighted to have you with us 🤩 Congratulations @diresh_pradhan and Aditi Kelaskar on being part of the Haptik family. We look forward to helping you learn and grow with us as a team. Here's wishing you a successful journey with us 🙌🏿

Haptik    @haptik    11/26/2021      

Closing the week with some wonderful news from @Upstox🤩 Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the Unicorn club. Our heartiest congratulations to the team at Upstox. To know more visit 👇🏼https://t.co/XEfme9k2xg #unicornstartup #upstox #fridayfeels

Haptik    @haptik    11/20/2021      

Congratulations and warmest welcome to the Haptik family. We are delighted to have you with us🤩 #HaptikExpands #newjoiners #HaptikHires
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Haptik    @haptik    11/19/2021      

We’re stoked to power the @WhatsApp commerce revolution in India! We are proud to be the first BSP to launch WhatsApp's new features with JioMart and we have exciting first-hand insights that we want to share with all of you! Read to know more 👇 #whatsappcommerce

Haptik    @haptik    11/18/2021      

Users can simply Discover > Shop > Pay --- all within their favorite messaging app! Haptik is proud to be the first Business Service Provider to launch WhatsApp’s new shopping features with JioMart and we’re already seeing amazing results🙌🏿 #WhatsApp #WhatsappCommerce
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