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James Briggs    @jamescalam    11/24/2021      

No data? No problem... Learning how to fine-tune sentence transformers with nothing more than unstructured text! 👀 https://t.co/n8fNfArfUJ Honestly blown away with how cool this is, credit to @Nils_Reimers and co #NLProc #100DaysOfMLCode
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James Briggs    @jamescalam    11/23/2021      

⁉️Latest @Pinecone_io article on open domain question-answering: https://t.co/Vahnbkzw62 Exploring both extractive and abstractive (generative) pipelines using @huggingface and sentence-transformers (@Nils_Reimers) #NLProc #100DaysOfMLCode #VectorDatabase #SemanticSearch
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