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Assistant Professor at @VUamsterdam | Formerly MSC-IF in @wellingmax's group at @UvA_Amsterdam and DL Researcher at @Qualcomm | Opinions my own.


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Jakub Tomczak    @jmtomczak    11/24/2021      

Yesterday, in our deep learning course (https://t.co/Zr33vyHs2J) at @VUamsterdam, we had an amazing guest lecture on "Geometric Deep Learning" provided by @TacoCohen. More on this topic could be found at https://t.co/0ZF6aIMLAK (@mmbronstein @joanbruna @TacoCohen @PetarV_93 )
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Jakub Tomczak    @jmtomczak    10/14/2021      

Big thanks to the organizers of #GenU2021 for the invitation! It was a great pleasure to be in #Copenhagen and discuss deep generative models with so brilliant people! If you missed my talk, here are the slides: PDF 🖥️: https://t.co/z7553i5mqt
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