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CZI Imaging Software Fellow for https://t.co/0BLqMqZpVs ; Co-author of @elegantscipy ; Co-creator of @napari_imaging ; Research Fellow @MonashUni @MonashBDI


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Juan Nunez-Iglesias    @jnuneziglesias    11/25/2021      

To be sure, those little candies do look delicious! 😂

Juan Nunez-Iglesias    @jnuneziglesias    11/23/2021      

I've noticed lots of papers learn "low" dimensional embeddings of images (say d=50), then do UMAP/tSNE/whatever to bring d down to 2-3. But has anyone tried to directly learn a 2D embedding? Is something fundamental (eg bumpier landscape) preventing this from being the default?
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