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Director of AI at Tesla, leading the Autopilot Vision team. Previously OpenAI, CS231n, PhD @ Stanford. I like to train large deep neural nets 🧠🤖💥


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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/30/2021      

3/3 It's still early for this task; Help us make these panoptic segmentation predictions perfect and realize the downstream impact:
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/30/2021      

2/3 The multicam + video data, temporal continuity of a slowly moving viewpoint, close collaboration with data sourcing and labeling, and the infinity-sized dataset of unlabeled clips dramatically expands creative modeling opportunities on the neural net side
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/30/2021      

1/3 Some panoptic segmentation eye candy 🌈🤩 from a new project we are bringing up. These are too raw to run in the car, but feed into auto labelers. Collaboration of data labeling a large (100K+), clean, diverse, multicam+video dataset and engineers who train the models
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/26/2021      

Programmed alongside GitHub Copilot ( for a while now and have to say I am very impressed and find myself tab-completing a lot of code. E.g. following chunk was a tab complete (except I manually fixed a bug of > into >=). Overall excellent and eerie.
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/26/2021      

Google Maps figuring out how to shave 1 minute off your trip with only 10 extra steps and twists and turns be like 🧐😳😱😱🤯🤩🤩🤩🥳
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/25/2021      

Haha, wanted to start a dev server so I was going to `make run`, but misspelled it as `make fun`, and then decided this is much better and changed the Makefile. Anyway, happy thanksgiving everyone! :) 🙏
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/24/2021      

Netflix's 'Arcane' (from Riot Games, of League of Legends fame) is refreshingly and unepectedly beautiful. (am on ep4)
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    5/28/2021      

cc @paperswithcode love your work a lot, this may be my biggest consistent struggle. Don't want to see the highest scoring, but the one you actually want to use. Often a struggle to identify. Closest proxy I know is the 2nd best approach everyone seems to compare themselves to.
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