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An Associate Professor at @nyuniversity & @CILVRatNYU. A Founder & Senior Director @PrescientDesign @genentech Research and Early Development (gRED)


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Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/27/2021      

this reminds me that it was one of the reasons why @uralik1, @wellecks and i looked at the modes not prob's in, although i now see that this has a similar issue (what's the prob assigned to top-k config's?)

Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/27/2021      

thinking aloud seeing is the investigation into looking at probabilities really interesting, or are such observations trivial given that we are working with a finite # of ex's?

Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/25/2021      

제8회 SW Welcomes Girls! happening now!

Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/23/2021      

The first-ever multilingual model to win WMT, beating out bilingual models: The Microsoft ZCode-DeltaLM model won all three tasks by huge margins: so, who actually won what?
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Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/16/2021      

i've benefited tremendously from @CIFAR_News throughout my career and am glad to start contributing back to have others also benefit.
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