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Co-Director, Inaugural German AI Award, EurAI Fellow, ELLIS, CLAIRE, #AI Professor @TUDarmstadt, MIT PostDoc, AI Columnist @WELTAMSONNTAG


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Kristian Kersting    @kerstingAIML    11/30/2021      

I really enjoyed working on our #NeurIPS2021 paper πŸ‘‡ and there will definitely come more on tractable #causal models soon!
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Kristian Kersting    @kerstingAIML    11/25/2021      

Wow πŸ‘‡! Our ecosystem of the twins #AI & #Cognitive #Science at @TUDarmstadt get boosted. πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸ₯³@CentreForCogSci @Hessian_AI
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Kristian Kersting    @kerstingAIML    10/28/2021      

#Probabilistic #circuits move into causality. I am learning a lot from @matej_zecevic, @devendratweetin & Moritz Willig The Causal Loss: Driving Correlation to Imply Causation πŸ‘‰ On the Tractability of Neural Causal Inference πŸ‘‰
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