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Murray Shanahan    @mpshanahan    11/23/2021      

Human: Do you have a gender? Robot: Yes. Agenda is take over world! #BadRobotJokes
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Murray Shanahan    @mpshanahan    11/22/2021      

A very concise summary of the major pressure points / research opportunities for #AI today from @ylecun and Yoshua Bengio - common sense (starting at the animal level), reasoning, out-of-distribution generalisation, compositionality ...
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Murray Shanahan    @mpshanahan    9/23/2021      

I’m pleased to announce the release of code for my paper “Encoders and Ensembles for Task-Free Continual Learning” with @DeepMind colleagues @ckaplanis1 and @jovana_mitr. Here’s the paper: And here’s the code: 1/11
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