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PerimeterX is the leading provider of solutions that secure digital businesses against automated fraud and client-side attacks.


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PerimeterX    @perimeterx    11/29/2021      

Not all #bots are bad—and we can help you tell the difference. Learn about the whole spectrum of automated attacks in the Beat Bad Bots e-book: #cyberattacks #appsec
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PerimeterX    @perimeterx    11/24/2021      

NEW: Unlike other solutions that flag fraudulent online activities after compromised credentials have been used, PerimeterX Credential Intelligence stops the activity up front. Learn more about the solution in early access: #bots #fraud #infosec

PerimeterX    @perimeterx    11/23/2021      

[Blog] PerimeterX found that 45% of shoppers have tried to buy a limited inventory, high-demand product and failed. With #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday fast approaching, scalpers and legitimate shoppers alike are getting ready to deploy #bots: @Kim_DeCarlis

PerimeterX    @perimeterx    11/19/2021      

2022 will present a variety of #security challenges to businesses. Read PerimeterX CTO Ido @safruti’s 5 predictions in @MSN: #infosec #bots #fraud #JavaScript

PerimeterX    @perimeterx    11/19/2021      

The latest #cyberattack via the Sharkbot Android Trojan underscores the need for companies to monitor all user transactions from a behavioral standpoint. Read more from PerimeterX expert @UrielMaimon via @BnkInfoSecurity: #fintech #security #infosec
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PerimeterX    @perimeterx    11/18/2021      

[Announcement] Introducing Credential Intelligence, a new solution that protects #ecommerce businesses and financial services by flagging and stopping the use of compromised credentials on websites and mobile apps with speed and accuracy: #bots #infosec