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CTO of Jetpac, bought by Google. Apple alumnus, O'Reilly author, blogger, on the TensorFlow team at Google doing deep learning. Email:


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Pete Warden    @petewarden    11/30/2021      

I'm a big fan of the Embedded Vision Summit, and the team behind it have asked me to share this developer survey to help with their planning: It gets you a discount on the conference, and a chance to win a gift card too.
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Pete Warden    @petewarden    11/27/2021      

A new approach to powering embedded devices without batteries: By @CABE_Atwell at @Hacksterio

Pete Warden    @petewarden    11/25/2021      

A neat voice-focused development board:

Pete Warden    @petewarden    11/24/2021      

Loved this from @gigastacey - my dream is entirely-offline smart devices that can't get software updates and do work like we expect hardware to:
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Pete Warden    @petewarden    11/23/2021      

I've been struggling to keep on top of broken links in our TinyML book as the repo evolves, so this article on checking URLs in Google Sheets has been incredibly helpful: Thanks @adham_benhawy for the help!
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Pete Warden    @petewarden    9/7/2021      

Pareto-Optimal Quantized ResNet is Mostly 4-bit
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