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Scientist. Assoc Prof of Stats/CS @UofT; Founding Member @VectorInst; Canada CIFAR AI Chair. I study inference / computation to understand machine intelligence.


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Dan Roy    @roydanroy    5 hours      

That moment when a tweet thread gets waaaaaay more interesting.

Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/29/2021      

I'm excited to announce that I moving to Twitter to take over the Engagement team. I'd like to thank all my collaborators for making this possible. My first step will be to introduce the Edit button.

Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/25/2021      

I feel that reviewers who suggest more experiments ought to explain what we might learn from... more experiments. What hypothesis are they testing? As far as I can tell, none. We seem to be suffering as a community from not teaching our students how to do empirical work.

Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/23/2021      

Nice work out of Canada by my friend and Vector colleague Hassan.
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Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/23/2021      

So. What's the word on early data from vaccinating kids in the U.S. What do we know about adverse reactions?

Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/23/2021      

Four of the Vector diaspora made the list! Congrats Raquel.

Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/22/2021      

TIL that I can outperform a professional carpenter if I’m given arbitrarily more time and budget.

Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/11/2021      

PP and Keynote are fundamentally flawed. Beamer is worse. Blackboards are and remain the pinnacle of presentation hardware.
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