Sungjin Ahn   @skaasj

AssocProf@KAIST.CS. Machine learning for making intelligent agents general-purposed. Previously, AssistProf@RutgersCS&CogSci, Element AI, Mila, UC Irvine.


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Sungjin Ahn    @skaasj    11/25/2021      

Hello! I’d like to share personal news: I’m returning to South Korea, my home country, and starting my new journey at KAIST. Taking the opportunity, I’d like to thank everyone I have met and worked with for the past 11 years of my life in North America. 1/3

Sungjin Ahn    @skaasj    11/25/2021      

Quite interesting results about our new unsup obj-repr & compositional gen model (SLATE). It identifies the digit in the challenging textured-MNIST dataset, to my knowledge first time in this line of research. Paper: Twitter:
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