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Research engineer @bosch_ai previously ph-D student @LTIatCMU : dabbling in CV, IR, and NLP. I speak πtorch and C++. I remember dependency parsing & USSR.


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Leo Boytsov    @srchvrs    8 hours      

I hope you guys remember that it's been a decade since computers outperformed humans in open-domain QA. https://t.co/mKf9naubyQ PS: it's really frustrating Jack left without implementing an edit button.

Leo Boytsov    @srchvrs    11/23/2021      

Very interesting work, but I would like to highlight that massive pre-training doesn't help retrieval much (see Table 8). I personally played with base and large BERT rankers & recently with nearly 1B-param one, but I don't get much benefit (only modest improvements).
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Leo Boytsov    @srchvrs    11/19/2021      

Once again, a friendly reminder that though it's ok to celebrate your success, the most useful way to do so when a preprint is available. This reduces the likelihood somebody interested in your work would forget to read the paper when the paper is available.
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